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When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the emphasis is on the patient, and all too often, the children of these patients take a back seat to the cancer monster.  Gidget’s Corner, named in memory of Gidget Mulcahey, is a program of the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation that focuses on the children of breast cancer patients, and helps them through the emotional period of having a sick parent. 

Since its inception, Gidget’s Corner has expanded beyond the four walls of the Foundation’s Resource Wellness Center and spread into the community.  Gidget’s Corner gives families an opportunity to escape the turbulent world that can be cancer with free tickets to local sporting events and fun outings on the Polar Express.  Often, families dealing with cancer suffer financially and cannot otherwise afford a family excursion, and it is important that these families have time to reconnect without the illness looming over their heads. 

Gidget’s Corner started out literally as a corner at the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation’s Resource and Wellness Center with the help of students from North Providence High School.  It is now a strong presence in the community, offering numerous programs to help children and their families get through the rocky road of breast cancer.

our mission

To raise breast cancer awareness, increase breast health education, enhance the quality of life for breast cancer patients, as well as their families and friends, and generate funding for local breast health programs