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Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation Gets HIP:

Coventry resident and breast cancer survivor Nicole Bourget praises the new initiative

Oct 11th 2012


Right now there are more than 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. Survivors are grateful to be alive but the aftercare can be daunting.

Most undergo follow up treatments and have to keep track of numerous medications and doctors, but now, the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation has found a way to make the transition easier by teaming up with HealthID Profile Inc. or HIP.

The Rhode Island based company combines cloud computing technology with trendy medical alert bands and bracelets. On October 4th HIP debuted the HIP Gemma Collection on their website, in time for the 7th Annual Flames of Hope: A Celebration of Life weekend. Events include the 4th Annual Gloria Gemma 5K with Miss USA 2012 Olivia Culpo as a featured guest. Wellness tents along with the ARS Pink Party are other main attractions.

Survivors are often reluctant to wear the traditional medical alert bracelets because they are not appealing but breast cancer survivor and Foundation team member Carol Ann Donnelly says for many it is a necessity, and now with the HIP Bands it will be fun too.

“Survivors who are at risk of developing lymphedema should wear a medical ID bracelet, so that blood pressure cuffs and needles are not used on their arms in emergency situations," said Donnelly. "The HIP bracelet is attractive and trendy, and doesn’t look like a typical medical alert bracelet, which will appeal to survivors.”

Breast cancer survivor Nicole Bourget of Coventry says, “I am excited to share the capabilities of this new bracelet because of my own medical history the space allotted on a form doesn’t offer enough room for my history. To know that I can enter my medical history in a cloud to be downloaded when needed, this is a dream come true! Having had lymph nodes removed in my right arm, this device will ensure that all medical personnel will know they can only use my left if I am unable to speak."

"Wearing this bracelet offers the assurance should anything happen to me, my medical history will be accessible so the proper method of care can be given and not compromise my health any further," Bourget continued.

When HIP co-founder Angelo Pitassi’s son was diagnosed with diabetes he, like some breast cancer survivors, did not want to wear the traditional medical ID bracelets. Angelo Pitassi decided to use his jewelry design background to create the first HIP Band. As word spread Pitassi and HIP Co -Founder Director of IT Chris Melo realized the trendy HIP Bands and HIP Bracelets combined with the capability to store a person’s medical information could help anyone with a health issue.

The HIP Gemma collection is designed to showcase the Foundation and the battle against breast cancer. The Foundation chose a pink and silver floral adjustable faux leather HIP band along with a stainless steel waterproof silver mesh adjustable bracelet. The pink ribbon easily slides on and off both HIP Gemma pieces as do all of the HIP charms. 

Each HIP Gemma Band or Bracelet comes with a unique HIP Code. Users simply create a profile at HealthID Profile and if there is an emergency a first responder can enter their HIP Code and their information is readily available. HealthID Profile follows HIPPA security guidelines and if a HIP Band or Bracelet is lost or stolen HealthID can easily shut down a person's HIP Code and issue a new one. 

The HIP Bands are fully interchangeable so users can keep their HIP Code and information consistent in the Medical ID Slide, but can interchange the bands to suit any outfit in their closet. The HIP Gemma Bracelets are $25.00 with twenty percent of the proceeds going back to the Foundation.

For more information, please visit the Gloria Gemma Marketplace or